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Thursday Thoughts: New Travel Magazine, Awesome Kids and more

January 16, 2013

Wow, what a week! I worked ALL last weekend and this week on the upcoming launch of Healthy Travel Magazine coming March 2013 in conjunction with Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine. This has been my 10-year idea which is now coming into reality. Being an Editor-in-Chief of a new travel magazine launch is the most thrilling experience in my entire career (and a lot of work too)! Wait until you see it!

Other news:

1. My three kids are awesome! My daughter, Leigh, is getting ready for several upcoming dance competitions this month with dance rehearsals every weekend. She has incredible passion and drive, and I am so proud of her!

My son, Zachary’s birthday was last week. He got a new basketball goal, and if it ever stops raining, he might get a chance to try it out. This is us overlooking the Birmingham skyline (small I know).

My oldest son Alec, is too talented for words. A new package arrives weekly for him to review for his outstanding and growing sports blog Sneaker King. Check it out and please share to your friends! This is all of the work of a 15-year-old on his own. I am SO impressed!

2. My dad has been really sick for a week. It’s tough! Say a prayer for him.

3. Being a single mom of 3 kids (who works more than full time) is a really difficult thing. If you didn’t know that about me, you do now! Please send any words of wisdom over my way.

4. Other thoughts of the week:

I love this super cool pantry via Evan Joseph

5. Lastly. I am so fortunate to be headed to this island this weekend where these photos (above and below) were taken! More on that later! Have a great weekend! Stay tuned….



15 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts: New Travel Magazine, Awesome Kids and more”
Jeanette says:
January, 23 2013at 11:32 pm
Alison- so glad to see that everyone is doing great, including you! Congrats and can't wait to see the launch of the new magazine! I love all the quotes you shared, so true. Hope your dad feels better soon. xo
Tracy says:
January, 19 2013at 04:39 pm
You a the hugest inspiration to women everywhere!
Tracy says:
January, 19 2013at 04:39 pm
So impressive! You are the most amazing woman I know
Nancy says:
January, 20 2013at 01:53 pm
Thanks for sharing about your children! I agree with the others who are impressed with the role model you are giving them - for your daughter -- and your sons for healthy female role models. Good luck to you on the mag.. will be looking for it! Hope the weekend was super.
January, 17 2013at 01:10 am
So many blessings in your life, Alison!!
January, 17 2013at 10:12 am
I am so proud of you, and yes jealous of that exciting new venture named Healthy Travel! Congrats! I can not wait to read it!!!! I am anxious to know about the island resort you just featured above. Looking for a great place to go for spring break. Good luck! Beth McMillan
January, 17 2013at 11:00 am
I think single moms, who work full time, who are obviously as amazing at both as you are, are a special kind of superhero. You are doing a fabulous job and you should give yourself endless credit for that! Your kids are lucky to have such a great mom and your daughter has such a great example of how to be an amazing woman :)
January, 17 2013at 11:34 am
Skisin, so thrilled for you! Can't wait to see healthy travel!!
January, 17 2013at 01:51 pm
Can I come? I'm serious...we could do lunch there instead of here! :) So happy for you. All your hard work is paying off!
Carolyn says:
January, 18 2013at 09:12 am
Oh honey, if I had words of wisdom about raising 3 kids, I'd send them your way. I don't, except to say drink heavily and often. Kidding! But enjoy life, take some time for yourself. And I am SO proud of you and your new magazine!
January, 18 2013at 10:50 am
I'm so excited about your new magazine--congratulations! I just know it will be a huge success. I work more than full-time too and I don't even have 3 kids--I don't know how you do it!
January, 18 2013at 01:21 pm
Congrats on the travel magazine, that sounds amazing. Raising kids and working is hard, no matter how much or how little help you have, it always seems to be a challenge to fit it ALL in :) Hope you father is doing better. Looks like your year is starting off pretty well :)
January, 16 2013at 10:42 pm
Wow have a blast on your trip! Can't wait to hear more - you deserve it!!! Enjoy!
January, 22 2013at 12:14 pm
This is such amazing news, Alison! You are Super Woman! XOXO
January, 23 2013at 12:35 am
A big congrats on the great news!! And I hope your dad feels better soon.

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