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Pomegranate Cider Recipe and Fun News

December 05, 2012

Who loves cider? My 3 kids and I are addicted to my newest creation for Pomegranate Cider. It is a big hit with family and friends. I made it for Thanksgiving, and I wish I actually had made more. This is the type of recipe that you definitely want to have left-over. I have some really great news!  I am so honored to be a part of the SC JohnsonBlogger panel” this year! I will be writing for their website on a monthly basis and sharing recipes, tips and more. They are a family-owned company, and they offer some of my most favorite, useful products in my kitchen and home. See SC Johnson’s website for this recipe and more of my posts! Stay tuned for more…


6 Responses to “Pomegranate Cider Recipe and Fun News”
December, 06 2012at 12:29 pm
Congrats! I will definitely check it out.
December, 06 2012at 07:31 am
Great recipe and great news too!!
December, 06 2012at 09:13 am
Congrats, Alison! Well deserved- you work so hard! This cider looks so good. We drink a lot of warm drinks this time of year walking to school. Gotta try and stay warm!
December, 05 2012at 11:30 pm
That's wonderful news Alison congrats, looking forward to it!
Jeanette says:
December, 07 2012at 08:03 am
Congrats! So exciting and I love the idea of pomegranate cider, so festive.
December, 07 2012at 08:28 am
Congrats on the writing gig--that is awesome! Now to go get this recipe... :)

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