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7 Fantastic Gluten Free Recipes

August 05, 2012

I have been trying a lot of new gluten free recipes lately, and I really feel great when I follow a gluten free diet. I don’t eat gluten free always, but I know many of you have allergies or use the paleo diet. Here are 7 fantastic gluten free recipes that I just had to share. Pictured above is my Quinoa Chicken Fried Rice. It is always a hit with my 3 kids. Please feel free to leave a comment telling me about a favorite gluten free recipe that you have tried recently.

Ganache Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites via Urban Poser

Grilled Vegetable Stack with Lemon Hummus via Gluten-Free Goddess

Chocolate Chip Brownie Bar via Roxana’s Home Baking

Blueberry Coconut Waffles via All Day I Dream about Food

Gluten-Free Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes via With Style & Grace

Chocolate Cherry Cookies via Anjas Food 4 Thought


11 Responses to “7 Fantastic Gluten Free Recipes”
Jeanette says:
August, 15 2012at 07:38 am
Love all these gluten-free options Alison - I cook gluten-free every day for one of my kids, so always looking for more ideas. Fortunately, these days, there are so many gluten-free options that with just a few substitutes, you can make just about anything.
August, 05 2012at 12:04 pm
I'll take one of each - great roundup, GF and all!
August, 06 2012at 03:27 am
I'm not a huge wheat eater myself but I do occasionally have pasta and rice. Your gluten free alternatives look absolutely delicious, so I'll have to give them a try soon.
August, 05 2012at 01:21 pm
A mouth-watering gluten-free round-up Alison! Going to check them out! I'm so getting hungry!
August, 05 2012at 04:36 pm
Great roundup Alison! I saw Lisa's pasta earlier this week and have been craving it so badly!
marla says:
August, 05 2012at 05:54 pm
Love all of these recipes ~ will check out the links now :)
Amy says:
August, 06 2012at 08:53 am
Okay i was scared of gluten free food... till now
katie says:
August, 06 2012at 09:29 am
What a great round-up and perfect timing. My cousin who has a gluten allergy is visiting me later this month and I'm starting to gather recipes! Thanks for the great resources!
August, 06 2012at 11:53 am
These roundups are irresistible! I love all of the bright colors in these gluten-free options. And I am having vacation envy from all of your Instagram pics!
Tracey says:
August, 06 2012at 12:18 pm
Thanks for the ideas. We just tried Gluten Free Quinoa pasta with roasted cauliflower, marinara sauce and parm cheese. It was a delicious meal all my kids ate (even the ones who can eat Gluten)!
May, 09 2013at 09:10 am
[...] So many friends are on a a gluten free diet for health or other reasons. This recipe for  Sandwiches on a Stick are the perfect gluten free sandwich recipe idea. These also make great  lunch ideas for the kids or even appetizers for a spring, summer, or fall tailgating party. Get your kids to help choose the ingredients and assist with preparing them. They are so cute, and adults and kids will love them! See some of my other favorite gluten free recipes here. [...]

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