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Fitness Friday: 17 Marathon Running Motivation Tips

March 01, 2012
Food Life Project

Hannah Pate is a 5th grade teacher and spin instructor in Birmingham, Alabama. She is currently training for her first Ironman triathlon. She is a huge fan of any type of exercise, but she says, “I really like to mix things up and try new things, and I have a strong passion for swimming, biking, running and yoga.” She recently sent the following advice to a friend the week before her first marathon. This advice is great for any of you training for your first race, marathon or workout event. Thank you Hannah!

1. This is YOUR week!

2. Rest!

3. Recover!

4. Get pumped!

5. Go in with the right attitude.

6. Go into it with a plan… a goal without a plan is merely a wish.

7. Be ready to tackle some serious mental hurdles.

8. You will dominate!  You have worked so hard. You have put in the training time. Your body can handle it. Your body is ready for it.
Get your mind ready.

9. Prepare to cross a threshold that you have never ever crossed.

10. Be prepared to coach yourself through it. Write down some mantras to say to yourself when you are at a low point. It will help.

11. Think of the people that are praying for you; the people that want to see you succeed.

12. Think about the people that helped you get to this point.

13. Think about all of the effort that you have put in and the time that you have committed getting you there.

14. Think about how strong you are and how this is JUST A DROP IN THE BUCKET.

15. Have no regrets.

16.Think about how you will feel at the finish line.  Think about how proud you will be of yourself.  It’s A HUGE accomplishment, and you will feel like a million bucks when it’s over.

17. No one ever finishes a marathon easily.  It’s hard for everyone– from novices to elites.  You will be a stronger person when it’s over.  You are about to complete your first marathon!


7 Responses to “Fitness Friday: 17 Marathon Running Motivation Tips”
James says:
March, 02 2012at 12:23 pm
The only thing keeping me from running a marathon is the thought or the many yards of spandex that would be required and number 11. All my friends are atheists
March, 01 2012at 02:22 pm
Great tips and wow to all this: a 5th grade teacher and spin instructor in Birmingham, Alabama. She is currently training for her first Ironman triathlon <-- HOLY MOLY! Good luck to her!
Tracy says:
March, 01 2012at 02:32 pm
You know the coolest people! Love this! Great info for any exercise.
Charles says:
March, 01 2012at 02:33 pm
Great post! I like number 2
leila says:
March, 01 2012at 03:09 pm
LOVE it! (especially #15)
March, 01 2012at 03:10 pm
Leila, I love that one too :)
Shayla says:
April, 17 2013at 04:41 am
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