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Fitness Friday: What is Pure Barre & Power-Foods Seminar

February 09, 2012

Big new and exciting announcement…..

I am so looking forward to Saturday.  I will be teaching a seminar on “Healthy Eating Habits and Hottest Power Foods” at Pure Barre 280 in Birmingham on February 11th at 11 a.m  following their 9:45 a.m class. I can’t wait to share what I know in this incredible workout environment. Thanks to Whole Foods Market for sponsoring this event with me.

Have you heard of Pure Barre? This super cool workout has been sweeping the nation in the past few years. I always heard it was “tough”, “a great workout”, “fun,” and now, after a couple classes under my belt, I can see why (and I’m sore :)).

Pure Barre is fastest, most effective way to change your body. It is a total body workout which utilizes the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements set to great music. The workout lifts your seat, tones your thighs, flattens your abs and burns fat in record breaking time. They say, “If you do 10 classes in 3 weeks, amazing things will start to happen to your body.” Here are 5 things I love it about it.

1. It strengthens the muscles and then lengthens them right back out to create a long, lean look rather than bulk and mass.

2. It is a safe way to workout- there is no impact so no jarring to the joints and knees.

3. The class sizes are kept small to ensure personal attention to form and technique. PB teachers teach rather than instruct.

4. Pure Barre is solely devoted to the Pure Barre technique whereas a gym has to spread itsʼ resources amongst all of itsʼ programs.

5. The teachers undergo intense and continuous training.


5 Responses to “Fitness Friday: What is Pure Barre & Power-Foods Seminar”
February, 10 2012at 08:16 am
What fun--wish I could be there!
February, 10 2012at 10:58 am
AMAZING! Sooo wish I could be there!
naomi says:
February, 10 2012at 12:54 pm
Oh, my friend does these classes and keeps asking me to join. Now just maybe the time. How great for those attending to have you provide the healthy food portion.
Beth says:
February, 09 2012at 07:08 pm
If you do not attend Pure Barre can you still go to the seminar and is there a charge?
February, 09 2012at 07:28 pm
A friend of mine goes to these classes all the time and really loves the workout. Says she has gotten much stronger since she started doing it. I can't wait to try it out!

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