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Healthy Soup Recipes & 6th Annual Acoustic Soup Event

January 11, 2012

I have been on a soup kick this month, and I am so excited to judge this year’s Acoustic Soup in Birmingham, Alabama at Workplay on January 26th. This event will feature soup from talented Birmingham chef’s and restaurants benefitting VSA Alabama, which serves children and adults with chronic disabilities through the arts. Please come and bring your families for great food and a wonderful cause. Here are some of my favorite soup recipes such as my Chipotle Vegetarian Chili (pictured above) and others from my favorite magazines and blogs such as this Tortilla Soup from Sunset Magazine and My Recipes (pictured below).

Beef and Barley Soup from Better Homes and Gardens 


Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup from A Spicy Perspective

Healthy Warm Lentil Soup from Ingredients, Inc

 Rustic Roasted Tomato Soup from Family Fresh Cooking

Beef, Potato and Quinoa Soup from Skinny Taste


12 Responses to “Healthy Soup Recipes & 6th Annual Acoustic Soup Event”
Jeanette says:
January, 11 2012at 09:47 pm
What a great cause and fun being a judge. It is definitely soup season - love all these healthy soups!
Marly says:
January, 15 2012at 03:47 pm
I love soups too. So light and easy on the tummy. It's great to have so many of them on one page. Thanks and happy judging!
Lisa says:
January, 11 2012at 11:44 am
First, Great looking recipes! Second, this event sounds so fun and what a good cause. Good luck judging!!
Julie says:
January, 11 2012at 11:44 am
That rustic tomato soup and lentil soup....oh my!
marla says:
January, 11 2012at 12:17 pm
Sounds like an amazing event Alison! Thanks so much for including my soup - lots of great recipes here :)
January, 11 2012at 12:31 pm
What a great event & fun linkbacks to all these soups!
January, 11 2012at 12:39 pm
yum! i'm a huge soup kick, too (+ am making some for dinner tonight). have fun judging the soup event this month! sounds like a great event for a great cause. =)
January, 11 2012at 01:11 pm
All of it has me freaking out.
Wenderly says:
January, 11 2012at 03:06 pm
I adore soup! These all look simply slurp-able. Although I'd never *slurp* of course. :)
January, 11 2012at 06:50 pm
I can't get enough of your recipes! Soups are probably my favorite to cook. That Red pepper one looks amazing! And good luck judging!! XO. Britt The Magnolia Pair :)
January, 12 2012at 11:12 am
A great selection of soups, Alison! My only problem is deciding which one I want to make first :-)
January, 14 2012at 04:00 am
I'm on a soup kick too! I see four I'll be trying already starting with the lentil. Wish I lived nearby so I could swing by! It sounds like a fun and tasty idea!

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