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Favorite Recipes and Healthy Blog Posts of 2011

January 01, 2012

Happy New Year everyone! It has been a blast to work on my blog this past year, and I appreciate everyone’s continued support. Breakfast Almond and Raspberry Quinoa (pictured above) was one of my top recipes of the year, and here are some other favorite blog posts of 2011 from my site:

Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Muffins

Panko Fish Sticks with Edamame Salsa

No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Saucepan Popcorn and Healthy Back to School Snacks

3 Ingredient Peppermint Milkshakes

10 Health Benefits of Blackberries

Best Foods for Runners

Health Benefits of Cherries

How To Get Lean

10 Reasons Why to Love Yoga

Top 10 Ways to Find Balance in Your Life


17 Responses to “Favorite Recipes and Healthy Blog Posts of 2011”
January, 02 2012at 10:23 am
A happy and healthy New Year to you!
January, 02 2012at 10:44 am
Nice recap of a healthy lifestyle to kick off 2012. Happy New Year. Maybe maybe IACP, I think it's luring me and it is in NY.
January, 02 2012at 11:56 am
Happy New year! Great list as I need as much healthy stuff as I can get right
Maria says:
January, 02 2012at 12:52 pm
Happy New Year! Can't wait to see you!
Jeanette says:
January, 02 2012at 03:35 pm
Happy New Year Alison! Love this collection of favorite recipes and posts. Your Breakfast Almond and Raspberry Quinoa is calling my name.
January, 02 2012at 04:55 pm
I love all your recipes but that Breakfast Almond and Raspberry Quinoa recipe is particularly fabulous!
January, 02 2012at 04:58 pm
That panko fishsticks with edamame salsa is genius Alison. Panko makes everything so yummy
January, 02 2012at 08:17 pm
I've been meaning to make those granola bars, thanks for the reminder!!
Suzanne says:
January, 02 2012at 08:52 pm
Great round up of posts for 2011. I pinned a few to try out. Happy New Year and all the best in 2012 :)
January, 01 2012at 10:25 pm
I just opened like 10 links...from yoga to the nobake PB granola bars(I make some similar to that!) and also the popcorn (huge fan, did you know you can put 2 tbsp of popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag, fold the top down and nuke for about 90 secs and it's PERFECt. Been doing that every day for like...5 years. Lol) Happy 2012 my friend. We HAVE to meet in 2012! I've been hard at work on things :) as I know you have too!
January, 02 2012at 09:44 am
Haaaappy New Year, Alison! I know we'll see each other again soon. XO!
Rachel says:
January, 01 2012at 11:57 am
You inspire me everyday. Thanks for your incredible work! Happy New year!
Nancy says:
January, 01 2012at 11:58 am
Fabulous list Alison! Your site is always my favorite, and I can't wait to see what comes next
January, 01 2012at 09:17 pm
Love ALL of these! So many delicious options to choose from. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year!
Sandi says:
January, 03 2012at 08:53 am
Terrific recap- I especially love that you featured blackberries :)
January, 02 2012at 09:59 pm
Happy healthy new year! YOu will be helping me get into better habits and shape! Glad to have met you in 2011! Cannot wait for another fun year!
Marly says:
January, 03 2012at 10:32 am
Love those granola bars - they look delicious!

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