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Holiday How-to Class at Four Seasons Atlanta

December 21, 2011

When I think of a luxurious hotel, I always think of the “Four Seasons”. I have never actually stayed a Four Seasons hotel (until now), but I have visited many. When I was traveling in Milan this summer, I visited the Four Seasons Milan. Trust me. If I ever get the opportunity to go to Milan again, I will definitely want to stay there. The closest Four Seasons hotel to me is The Four Seasons Atlanta. So, when I heard about their “Holiday How-To Classes”, I put it on my to-do list. The Saturday afternoon 1 1/2 hour class was packed with great food and recipes, entertaining ideas and even new friends.

The class started with Executive Chef, Robert Gerstenecker, teaching us how to make Candied Pecans with only 3 ingredients. So easy and so good…

Chef Gerstenecker shared recipes that that make entertaining easy. He taught us how to prepare several crostini appetizers such as Pimiento Cheese, Chicken Liver Pate and a creative Red Pepper Dip. He demonstrated how to make Homemade Cheese Crackers which are only 5 ingredients (I couldn’t stop eating them).

He also proved that Kale Chips are so easy to make and delicious. Most of the women at my table had not tried kale chips before and were hooked.

Next, The Four Seasons Mixologist, Matthew Buckly, demonstrated how to make some holiday cocktails. Oh darn!

The Candy Cane Martini demonstration was hugely popular. (I’m so glad he gave us the recipe.)


Floral Designer, James Hurley, gave us a flower arranging 101. I need this desperately. We learned how to create the napkin holder (top picture above), how to make individual place cards with fresh herbs and raffia, and how to make a pretty table arrangement. We turned this (below)

into this (below).

When the class was over, I explored the hotel. Since it was too cold outside, I found the perfect spot for relaxation or a workout. This indoor pool was was the perfect place to warm up.

And who wouldn’t want to step into this this jacuzzi?

The Four Seasons Atlanta also is equipped with a great workout facility, and the locker rooms were fully equipped with sauna, steam and everything you could ever need.

The Four Seasons Atlanta is located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta right near Piedmont Park, The Atlanta Botanical Gardens, The Georgia Aquarium, The High Museum of Art, The Fox Theater, World of Coca Cola and more. Since I needed to do some holiday shopping, I headed over to Atlantic Station which is an incredible venue for families with great stores so close by. The Four Seasons Atlanta is a truly special big city family destination or a great couples getaway.


16 Responses to “Holiday How-to Class at Four Seasons Atlanta”
December, 21 2011at 04:37 pm
How fun!! It looks like you learned soo much. What a great idea, I need to remember to look into that. Thanks for sharing!
Nancy says:
December, 21 2011at 04:29 pm
next time take me with you!
Lisa says:
December, 21 2011at 04:36 pm
I can't wait to check out that Four Seasons next time I am in Atlanta. So pretty
Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. says:
December, 21 2011at 04:35 pm
Thanks so much! It was great!! I am still recovering...
Amy says:
December, 21 2011at 04:33 pm
This sounds like so much fun! Great post
December, 21 2011at 04:34 pm
Four Seasons def. equates with luxury. Wanted to drop by to wish you & your family a Happy Chanukah and I bet the Bat Mitzvah celebration was phenomenal. Mazal Tov!
marla says:
December, 24 2011at 04:59 pm
LOVE this Alison. Perhaps one day we can experience this sort of thing together. I am blissfully in love with the Four Seasons too ;)
Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. says:
December, 24 2011at 05:00 pm
Marla, me too and I hope so as well!
Sherri says:
December, 21 2011at 04:40 pm
Candy Cane Martini? oh my...
December, 21 2011at 05:10 pm
Looks AWESOME. And about that candy cane tell?
Jeanette says:
December, 21 2011at 05:15 pm
What fun and a great destination!
JulieD says:
December, 21 2011at 05:56 pm
Very fun, Alison! I would have loved to take this class! I will have to see about a class at the Four Seasons Orlando...I just looked it up and it's under construction! Thanks. :)
December, 21 2011at 06:15 pm
Well arent you just Mrs. Fancy Pants! Love it all!!!! I used to spend LOTS of time in Atl before my daughter was born. Lenox, Phipps, all good :)
naomi says:
December, 21 2011at 07:41 pm
Wow. Looks like you had a nice time. Love the Four Seasons-such a great hotel with exceptional service.
Carolyn says:
December, 21 2011at 08:06 pm
What a fun class, Alison. Love the beautiful rose in that first picture.
December, 23 2011at 04:40 pm
Looks like a fabulous class! I met Chef Gerstenecker earlier this spring and was so impressed at his many talents! I'll have to check for FS classes in my area. A great idea!

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