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Fashion Friday: Give ‘Em the Boot

November 03, 2011

If you were thinking that boots were going to go out of style, then you thought wrong! Boots are now bigger and better than ever. I love the variety of colors, shapes, and styles boots come in these days. The styles I have shown you are my favorite. Look below to see why.

1. These short brown boots by Sessun are so adorable. I can already see these with a jean skirt or a floral dress and tights. They are $380 at 

2. I am in love with these tall Vince Camuto camel boots. These are the perfect boots to tuck your jeans in. If you don’t get these boots, then I will. They are $149 at

3. It’s definitely easy being green when you wear these cool flat boots by Style&co. The color looks great with brown and black, so they are extremely versatile. These boots won’t break your bank since they are $69 at

4. These boots are perfect to take from day to night. They are perfect for work, but then you can wear them when you are having drinks with your friends. These booties are $27.80 at

5. For a casual pair of weekender boots, I would love these Rocketdog faux-sheepskin boots. Just pair these with a pair of skinny jeans, and a white tee and a leather jacket, and you are all set to go. These cute boots are $94.95 at

6. If you are willing to splurge on a pair of boots, then I definitely suggest picking up these Stella McCartney boots. They are just so fabulous, and I especially love the rubber soles. They are $585 at

Crafted by Meredith from Inspector Snew


12 Responses to “Fashion Friday: Give ‘Em the Boot”
Shelly says:
November, 04 2011at 10:12 am
Apparently I needed the help finding boots this season. I just bought two of the six you suggested and found another pair "to boot." Thanks for the trend update!
Lauren says:
November, 04 2011at 11:36 am
Those black boots from forever 21 are so cute!
November, 04 2011at 11:41 am
love the camel ones! i just bought a new pair of chocolate brown wedge boots this week - already debuted 'em + they were a huge hit (+ comfortable - a bonus!)
Jeanette says:
November, 03 2011at 09:14 pm
I would love a pair of new boots this winter. The flat boots would be nice for a change.
Sherri says:
November, 03 2011at 09:07 pm
I love all of these. Fabulous post
Kelly says:
November, 03 2011at 09:07 pm
Those rocket dog boots are awesome
Janet says:
November, 05 2011at 07:43 am
I saw a cute pair of Michael Kors wedge boots a few weeks ago that have made me rethink my aversion to wedge heels. Love them. Too bad they were $400.
marla says:
November, 06 2011at 12:57 am
For me boots will always be in style...great round up :)
Aggie says:
November, 07 2011at 04:57 pm
I love the rocket dog ones!!! I need some boots!
Vedette says:
July, 12 2012at 10:59 am
I love boot 2,3 & 6. Really cute. Theres so many cute combinations i can think with them. I love longer boots
Galy says:
August, 03 2012at 01:51 am
love n.3 !!!!!
March, 01 2013at 09:46 am
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