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Back to School Sandwich: Lunch Box Sushi & Cookbook Giveaway

August 07, 2011

My three kids start back to school in a little over a week so I’ve been trying to get back into the groove. I try to be really creative when it comes to school lunch for two out of my three children who insist on taking their own lunch. This year, I have more than enough ideas since the release of my new cookbook, “400 Best Sandwiches: From Classics & Burgers to Wraps & Condiments”. One of our favorite recipes from the “Lunchbox” chapter is this recipe for Lunch Box Sushi. It’s really easy, healthy, fresh and kids love it. Feel free to substitute cooked chicken for the shrimp. In honor of the popular demand for sandwiches and back to school, I am giving away one copy of my new sandwich cookbook.


How to Enter:

1. Please leave a comment telling me your child’s favorite lunch sandwich or your favorite. This is only open to U.S residents. To earn additional entries, leave a comment for the steps below:

2. Tweet this on twitter: Check out @alisonlewis 400 recipe Sandwich Cookbook Giveaway just in time for back to school lunch ideas

3. Follow @alisonlewis on twitter

4. Become a fan of Ingredients, Inc on Facebook

5. Stumble this post and follow me on Stumble Upon

6. Winner will be selected Thursday August 11th.

This recipe is from my book “400 Best Sandwich Recipes: From Classics & Burgers to Wraps & Condiments” 2011 by Robert Rose Inc. Reprinted with permission and photo credit by Colin Erricson.


Lunch Box Sushi

Prep: 30 minutes plus chill time
Yield: 4 to 6 servings
1 teaspoon wasabi powder
2 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce
2 cups cooked sushi short-grain rice, cooled
2 tablespoons chopped green onions
1 teaspoon reduced-fat mayonnaise
1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
6 (10-inch) white or whole wheat tortillas
6 sheets nori
11/2 pounds cooked and peeled shrimp, chopped
1 cup chopped avocado
1 cup finely chopped cucumber
1/3 cup low-sodium soy sauce
1. In a small bowl, combine wasbabi and 1 teaspoon water. Add 2 tablespoons sauce and mixing well.

2. In a medium bowl, combine rie, wasabi mixture, green onions, mayonnaise and red pepper flakes.

3. Line each tortilla with nori. Arrange rice mixture equally in center of each wrap. Add shrimp, avocado and cucumber. Fold both ends over filling. Roll up and serve with soy sauce.


68 Responses to “Back to School Sandwich: Lunch Box Sushi & Cookbook Giveaway”
August, 11 2011at 06:43 am
Oh my gosh, what a clever idea!
August, 13 2011at 09:58 am
Congrats to Caroline from Chocolate and Carrots for winning this giveaway!
August, 08 2011at 03:57 am
I love the idea of packing Shushi in a lunch box! And what wonderful food ingredients you have used to make this treat, Alison.
Mandy says:
August, 07 2011at 09:33 pm
My favorite is fajita turkey with babybel cheese!
Carrie says:
August, 09 2011at 01:16 am
My son loves PB sandwiches with no jelly. He and my daughter also love turkey pastrami on whole wheat. I love lunch ideas. I would love to get your book. I am now a fan on FB.
Sara says:
August, 09 2011at 09:52 pm
New fan of yours on FB! Thanks!
Sara says:
August, 09 2011at 09:51 pm
My son loves cheese sandwiches but he is only 2!! I love them all!
Sarah says:
August, 07 2011at 11:03 am
My kids love peanut butter and honey! Great looking book!
Patti says:
August, 07 2011at 11:03 am
I am a huge turkey and hummus fan on a pita. I need a copy!
Amy says:
August, 07 2011at 11:07 am
This is a great idea for kids of all ages. Very creative Alison! I would love a copy of your new cookbook.
August, 07 2011at 01:21 pm
What a cool idea, Kaia loves sushi! Another one of her favorites is a whole wheat wrap filled with hummus, rasisins, chopped cucumber, shredded carrot and some sprouts.
August, 07 2011at 01:28 pm
I'm already your follower on Twitter!
i heart salt says:
August, 07 2011at 02:35 pm
turkey, bacon, tomato & avocado on anything!!
Kathleen Moore says:
August, 07 2011at 03:57 pm
My daughter loves peanutbutter banana and honey sandwiches. Would love to see your new book!
August, 07 2011at 04:07 pm
My favorite lunch? Tuna Salad Sandwich with slices of hard boiled egg, though not the friendliest smelling thing to bring into an office, so I eat it at home on Sundays!
Michelle Touchton says:
August, 07 2011at 05:47 pm
We are a pb&j family!
Desirae says:
August, 07 2011at 06:31 pm
Nutella! But who needs bread, just give me a spoon!
Tracy says:
August, 07 2011at 06:43 pm
Such a fun take on sushi! Love it!
August, 07 2011at 07:17 pm
I don't have kids but I can tell you I would love that sushi!
Karthik says:
August, 07 2011at 07:19 pm
That sushi recipe using a tortilla is such a good idea! I never thought about doing that before.
August, 08 2011at 07:37 am
These are BEAUTIFUL - I can see myself making these for myself, boyfriend, & sushi-loving-coworkers! My go-to lunches (when there are not leftovers) are PB&J or Tuna Salads
Andrea M says:
August, 08 2011at 09:12 am
Every morning I wake and pack my husband's lunch...his favorite sandwich is ham or roast beef.
Janie says:
August, 08 2011at 09:35 am
Hi, I happen to love many kinds of sandwiches..this time of the year my favorite is fresh home grown tomato sandwiches plain and simple..but a good BLT hits the spot too.. (or a BLTA) In winter I LOVE PB and banana with honey..grilled is good too..and grilled cheese...anything with cheese..I could go on and on...I love the sushi roll recipe you posted sounds great, and I know everyone here would Love them...
M says:
August, 08 2011at 09:57 am
chutney and parmesan on whole wheat!
Linda says:
August, 08 2011at 11:39 am
My son's favorite is peanut butter on both pieces of bread with banana in the middle. I need new ideas! Love getting your emails!
August, 08 2011at 11:54 am
Putting on my FB page, now! I don't pack lunches any more (boo hoo) but hope others will enter to win! Happy Monday!
August, 08 2011at 12:21 pm
no children, but I'll tell you my husband's favorite! He loves pb&j...every single day! ha, might as well be a kid right? :)
Jeanette says:
August, 08 2011at 12:34 pm
What a neat idea for a sandwich - how creative! I'm always looking for new ideas to mix things up. Lately, my 9-year's favorite sandwich is tuna, tapenade, and chopped celery - not the typical sandwich for a young kid, but he loves it.
Fern says:
August, 08 2011at 03:03 pm
My kids are older now but when I was packing their lunch, they both loved old fashioned PB&J on wheat. I would use a heart or star cookie cutter and pack that in their lunch boxes. I missed those days!!
Liane R says:
August, 08 2011at 04:37 pm
My kids are grown, but I still love PB&J on white bread. Don't have it very often since it isn't that healthy. We also do some cuban sandwiches with the panini press that are awesome!
Teslaca says:
August, 08 2011at 04:56 pm
Avocado and cheese sandwiches are my favorite. With arugula if I have it, otherwise lettuce works fine.
Teslaca says:
August, 08 2011at 04:59 pm
Following you on Twitter.
Teslaca says:
August, 08 2011at 04:59 pm
My favorite sandwich is avocado and cheese with arugula if I have it or lettuce if I don't.
Teslaca says:
August, 08 2011at 05:00 pm
Tweeted about your giveaway.!/teslaca/status/100687104811597825
Joan says:
August, 08 2011at 05:47 pm
My favorite sandwich is turkey and tomato
Joan says:
August, 08 2011at 05:48 pm
I follow you on twitter as @southerncooker
Cathy S says:
August, 08 2011at 08:07 pm
Sunflower butter and jam! (peanut butter allergies abound! ;-))
August, 08 2011at 08:50 pm
That lunch box sushi is the cutest! I would imagine it's pretty tasty too. My fave sandwich is the Reuben for sure. Congrats on your cookbook!
August, 08 2011at 08:51 pm
I'm not a fan on Facebook. :)
August, 08 2011at 08:51 pm
I'm already a follower on Twitter - @Lori_Rice
August, 09 2011at 07:30 am
What a cute idea! I love sushi, but I'm sure kids would love to devour a 'faux-sushi'. As for my favorite sandwich, I love a classic pb&j. :-)
August, 09 2011at 07:31 am
I tweeted! :-)
August, 09 2011at 07:32 am
I follow you on twitter...and I love your new photo! :-)
August, 09 2011at 07:32 am
I follow you on facebook, too! :-) Thanks for the giveaway Alison!
August, 09 2011at 07:33 am
I stumbled this post, too. :-) Yay!
Alana says:
August, 09 2011at 08:20 am
Stumbled (FearLoathing9)
Alana says:
August, 09 2011at 08:21 am
Tomato, basil-mayo, turkey and avocado on toasted wheat!
Meghan says:
August, 09 2011at 08:25 am
I consider sandwiches to be my favorite food. By far. No, you ask, no specific type. If's it's a sandwich, I will devour and enjoy immensely. Your sushi sandwiches are adorable. And with sushi being my 2nd favorite food they also look delicious. My favorite sandwich is not complicated but worth savoring. It consists of turkey, lettuce, red onion, thinly sliced avocado on nice, thick bread. Ciabatta perhaps. A thin layer of some pesto aioli and that, ladies and gents is a sandwich.
marla says:
August, 09 2011at 09:19 am
Alison, your lunch sushi looks awesome! I can't wait to share a review on your book.
Carolyn says:
August, 09 2011at 06:10 pm
Oh my, these little sushi sandies are adorable! My kids' favourite lunch would be peanut butter, but they aren't allowed to take that to school. They do love it when I make quesadilla and send that in, though. That's kind of a sandwich, right?
August, 10 2011at 04:24 am
My son's too young to love sandwiches...he's not yet on solids:) but we grownups swear by them as they can be eaten with one hand, standing up, which is how we usually eat these days, with a baby around:) We recently tried this Pan Bagnat Sandwich and I think it's a nice refreshing idea, for ppl that are into tuna of course:) but by far my fave is: light layer of mayo infused with garlic, plenty of fresh dill, roasted red peppers and black olives!Yum. would love to win this book!
August, 10 2011at 04:25 am
I just followed you on twitter too (@3greenonions)...
August, 10 2011at 04:27 am
..and tweeted about the giveaway:)
Lynda Clark says:
August, 10 2011at 04:49 am
My favorite sandwich is salami with either sharp cheddar or Monterey Jack on rye bread with mayo, mustard, sliced tomato, thinly sliced sweet onion, and sliced avocado. The kids prefer either turkey breast with American cheese or peanut butter and jelly on whole-grain white bread. lyndaclark81(at)yahoo(dot)com
Lynda Clark says:
August, 10 2011at 04:50 am
Tweeted this giveaway @lyndacooks!/lyndacooks/status/101227117504757761 lyndaclark81(at)yahoo(dot)com
Lynda Clark says:
August, 10 2011at 04:50 am
I am a fan of Ingredients, Inc on Facebook as Lynda Clark lyndaclark81(at)yahoo(dot)com
Lynda Clark says:
August, 10 2011at 04:51 am
Stumbled this post and I am following you on Stumbled Upon. lyndaclark81(at)yahoo(dot)com
Lynda Clark says:
August, 10 2011at 04:52 am
Following @alisonlewis on Twitter @lyndacooks lyndaclark81(at)yahoo(dot)com
Ashley says:
August, 10 2011at 08:03 pm
My son is just entering Kindergarten but he loves turkey or ham sandwiches, with mayo.
Ashley says:
August, 10 2011at 08:03 pm
I follow you on Twitter (mountaineer_mom).
Ashley says:
August, 10 2011at 08:04 pm
I tweeted this giveaway @mountaineer_mom
Katrina says:
August, 12 2011at 11:23 am
I personally love peanut butter and banana sandwiches!
marla says:
September, 16 2011at 10:06 pm
Seriously girl, you gotta link these up to my latest *Project Lunch Box* post :)
marla says:
September, 16 2011at 10:07 pm
Oops, here is the link:
February, 01 2012at 01:38 pm
[...] Lunchbox Sushi [...]
Emily Anderson says:
August, 20 2012at 11:11 pm
My son likes ham and cheese with mayo and mustard on this 5 grain moist bread we get at Costco. I love the same bread but with honey and peanut butter...yumm-O!
Bethany says:
August, 31 2012at 09:12 am
My favorite is a veggie wrap with lots of yummy veggies (whatever is in season) with avacado and hummus. My girls would have to be pb and honey. :-)
January, 05 2013at 12:18 am
[...] Lunch Box Sushi by Ingredients, inc. [...]

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