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Mini Bittersweet Chocolate Cheesecakes and “Desserts 4 Today” Cookbook Giveaway

September 21, 2010

As a Recipe Developer and Contributing Food Editor for a new food magazine, I spend a huge amount of time looking at magazines, food blogs and cookbooks. I was so excited about this month’s release of “Desserts 4 Today” from Pasty Chef, Cookbook Author, and Fine Cooking Magazine’s Contributing Editor, Abby Dodge. This cookbook is filled with sophisticated, yet easy to make, sweet treats compiled in 5 chapters: Cookies, Creamy Desserts, Frozen Desserts, Fruit Desserts and Pastry Desserts. Each recipe offers notations of “Switch-Ins”, variations to the recipe as well as “Gussy It Up”, ways to dress up each dessert. This book offers so many fabulous recipes for a busy mom, kids or anyone wanting to make fabulous dessert recipes with only 4 ingredients. My daughter helped me choose which dessert to make first, and is she marked over 10 different recipes. I chose the Mini Bittersweet Chocolate Cheesecakes, and they were fabulous! I used semisweet chocolate (as the recipe gives the option for bittersweet or semisweet), and my kids and guests went wild over them.

If you would like to win a copy of this awesome book leave me a comment below on why you would like to have it in your cookbook library. I will select a random winner on Friday, September 24th. For an even better chance to win, tweet this post link (located to the right of the share button next to “print”).

Mini Bittersweet Chocolate Cheesecakes

Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 15 minutes
Yield: 6 servings
1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, room temperature
1/3 cup granulated sugar
4 ounces bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, divided and melted
1 large egg
1. Preheat the oven to 300F. Line 6 standard muffins tins with foil liners and lightly grease with cooking spray.

2. Put the cream cheese in in a medium bowl. Beat with an electric mixer on medium speed until very smooth, about 2 minutes.

3. Add the sugar and 3 ounces of melted chocolate. Beat on medium-low speed until well blended, about 1 minutes. Add the egg and mix until just incorporated.

4. Spoon the batter into muffin cups. Bake 15 to 18 minutes or until the centers of the cheesecakes barely jiggle when nudged. Set the muffin tin on a rack to cool completely. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve or for up to 3 days (or freeze up to 1 month). Just before serving, drizzle with remaining 1 ounce melted chocolate (rewarm if needed).


41 Responses to “Mini Bittersweet Chocolate Cheesecakes and “Desserts 4 Today” Cookbook Giveaway”
Donna Askenazi says:
September, 22 2010at 08:54 pm
I have a little cook in our house and she loves baking desserts. The less ingredients the better!
D. Gray says:
September, 22 2010at 09:23 pm
I do not need anymore sweet temptations in my kitchen but come on, who does not love sugar?!? Plus, my sweet tooth is enormous and I love trying new stuff.
Heather says:
September, 21 2010at 10:28 pm
I would SO love to have this cookbook and some new, easy recipes to try! My fam would be grateful!
Micha says:
September, 21 2010at 10:18 pm
I am a HUGE Abby Dodge fan and many of her recipes from Fine Cooking are recipes that I use over and over and over. The fact that she came out with a 4 ingredient cookbook just about puts me over the moon. I love to bake, but with 3 little boys, the easier the better. Although, I'm determined to turn my oldest into a mini chef.
Maria says:
September, 21 2010at 01:12 pm
Just got the book and I can't wait to make these!
Sarah Beth says:
September, 21 2010at 01:16 pm
I would love to have this book. I am a beginner cook and anything under 5 ingredients sounds fabulous Love your site and can't wait for your cookbook!
ashley says:
September, 21 2010at 01:17 pm
I have 3 kids like you do so I'm a busy mom and have little time in the kitchen. I would love to have this fantastic addition to my cookbooks. Thanks Alison! You are a doll!
September, 21 2010at 01:18 pm
Wow, what an interesting recipe Alison! Its easy and quick enough. Something perfect for a mom of a li'l one like me. hope thr are many such quick and easy dessert recipes in the cookbook. I want this book cookbook because I'm worth it :-)
Robin says:
September, 21 2010at 01:19 pm
What a cool post! Love your site more than I can say! This book sounds like something I would love to have since I'm still in college. I'm attempting to learn how to cook. Maybe I can show off to my friends.
Carolyn says:
September, 21 2010at 01:50 pm
So glad I recently 'found you' on twitter! I love baking and cooking and can ALWAYS use easy and fast recipes to feed my hungry and busy family of 6! These little cheesecakes look awesome. I can't wait to try them out. I bet that cookbook they came from would be such a time saver in addition to helping me spread a little dessert love!
Dorothy says:
September, 21 2010at 02:22 pm
I would love this book!! I'm getting married soon and plan on entertaining frequently. This book would be a great asset to my growing cookbook collection.
Diane says:
September, 21 2010at 02:30 pm
My kids, 9 and 12, love to cook and they are always so proud of their creations! I'd love to have a cookbook that has simple recipes that they can follow and I like the idea of the "switch in" and "gussy it up" to make it their own. Also, 9/24 is my 16th anniversary so it would be a special treat for me! Thanks for the simple and delicious recipes!
September, 21 2010at 03:42 pm
I love cheesecakes and if they are made with just 4 ingredients, perfect bite size, and has chocolate - I'm your slave for life ;)! Why I need that book? Because it will save me from being a slave for life :D Love, Kulsum
Kelli says:
September, 21 2010at 05:25 pm
I just recently started baking and surprisingly I'm very good at it. I have only baked a few items recently, but they were all very challenging recipes and I have found that I need more of a challenge. I am hoping this book will give me the challenge that I crave.
Terri says:
September, 21 2010at 05:54 pm
These look delicious! So going to make them for a coaches dinner! Yummy and easy!
Kayce says:
September, 22 2010at 07:36 am
I have 4 boys and they love trying new sweets. And what more could a busy mom ask for baking something with only 4 ingredients!!!
September, 22 2010at 08:53 am
Alison, have been seeing buzz and excitement about this book everywhere & I would LOVE to win a copy. The idea of baked goodies with 4 ingredients is awesome. Great cheesecake photo :) xo
Barbara says:
September, 22 2010at 09:05 am
This book would be a great asset to my cookbook collection, thanks for the chance!!!
Ellen says:
September, 22 2010at 09:13 am
I would LOVE this cookbook. The concept of the book sounds right up my alley: easy to make treats that are quick. I love the idea of the “Switch-Ins”, variations to the recipe. Also, from what I can see in your post, the photography looks AMAZING!
Jennifer says:
September, 22 2010at 09:36 am
I would love this cookbook. I have two aspiring cooks in my house, so 4 ingredient recipes are perfect for two 4-year olds helping mommy!
Shelly Ladden says:
September, 22 2010at 10:21 am
I would love to have a copy of this cookbook in my arsenal mainly because I love desserts. But my husband actually doesn't so I find that I won't take the time to make them just for myself. But with only four ingredients--why not?
Andrea M says:
September, 22 2010at 10:43 am
Hello! Oh i would love to have a copy of this cookbook because i recently got married and moved out of my parents' home with closets of cookbooks. No lie! My husband and i have about 5 and i have a new-found love to cook and bake - we would love to try out these recipes!! thanks and have a lovely day! Grace & Peace, Andrea M Wernz
indie.tea says:
September, 22 2010at 10:56 am
How beautiful...I mean your mini chocolate cheesecakes AND the cookbook. The cover photograph is gorgeous.
September, 22 2010at 11:00 am
Thanks I actually took the photo myself so really appreciate the super huge comments. Her photos in this book are amazing!
Robin says:
September, 22 2010at 11:04 am
I would love to have this book, because lets face it I need all the help I can get!
September, 22 2010at 11:31 am
Hi...I'd love to add this cookbook to my collection because I'm trying to bake more. I have shied away from it in the past b/c I'm not an exact measurer in my cooking...and baking can be unforgiving if you freestyle it ;)! But...I'm challenging myself to do more and try more!!
Atour says:
September, 22 2010at 12:00 pm
I would love to have this book. Thank you for posting the recipe.. it sounds really good!
Caroline says:
September, 22 2010at 12:43 pm
This cookbook would be the perfect way to simplify my life! It seems every recipe I have calls for 20 ingredients! And if I can't have the cookbook for my library, can i have a cheesecake? It looks fantastic!
Robyn says:
September, 22 2010at 01:37 pm
Gorgeous photograph! Abby Dodge is absolutely delightful and her recipes are all delicious!
Tracy says:
September, 22 2010at 02:00 pm
Every recipe I've seen from this book looks easy and delicious. I'd love to have my own copy to drool over and cook from!
September, 22 2010at 03:28 pm
I love cookbooks that give options! And, I love the little desserts . . . makes it easy for portion control.
Felicia says:
September, 22 2010at 06:06 pm
I would love to add this cookbook to my collection because just like the LBD, it will never go out of style!
September, 22 2010at 07:38 pm
Gotta love a recipe that calls for 4 ingredients! a winner in my book! If the book has more 'lovely easies' how could we resist! cheers kari
September, 22 2010at 10:08 pm
A recipe developer and food editor...are you getting paid? That sounds like a dream job! Good for you. That chocolate cheesecake recipe sounds like a winner as well!
Karen says:
September, 22 2010at 10:45 pm
Hmmm...why should I win the cookbook besides that baking is my passion, I'm one of the biggest chocoholics you'll meet, and I love your recipes? I've only recently started baking again after the 2nd major surgery of my lifetime; it makes me happy to be in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes,and putting smiles on friends'/family members' faces with what I bake. I know that I would truly enjoy and USE this cookbook. Thanks.
Nisha says:
September, 22 2010at 10:56 pm
I would love to experiment with this recipe book, substituting various lower glycemic sweeteners, etc. And if she's one of your favs, it's gotta be good!
September, 22 2010at 11:13 pm
I think I need a great cookbook to help me start cooking for my family. My kids are 6 and 9 and will finally get the chance to eat real meals starting next week when I officially become a SAHM! I've been working since I was 15 so I need to take on some fun projects at home to keep me occupied and believe that cooking will be at the top of my project list.
September, 24 2010at 04:57 pm
These look fabulous. I love individual serving desserts. I'd also love to have this cookbook because I'm always looking for inspirational ways to dress up desserts.
Molly says:
September, 26 2010at 11:36 am
I served these at a party this weekend, and you would not believe the response. I love your site so much!
September, 28 2010at 10:58 am
Congratulations to Kayce who won the random drawing! Thanks to everyone who participated!
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