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Shirley Temples with Fresh Cherries

July 13, 2009


My three kids are the best, and I try to treat them with something new and different all of the time from the kitchen. I came up with the idea of a healthier version of Shirley Temples using pomegranate-cherry juice¬†100% juice and fresh cherries. This recipe is so simple, and they love it! It’s perfect for this time of year when cherries are in abundance.

Shirley Temples

Prep: 5 minutes
Yield: 8 servings
1 cup fresh cherries, unpitted
1 (2 liter bottle) gingerale
1 cup pomegranate-cherry juice (or regular pomegranate juice)
1. Thread cherries on toothpicks.

2. Combine gingerale and pomegranate -cherry juice in a large pitcher, stirring well. Serve into individual glasses with ice. Serve with fresh cherries.


2 Responses to “Shirley Temples with Fresh Cherries”
July, 16 2009at 10:59 am
OoO I love you take on Shirley Temples it looks like a nice refreshing summer treat!. I can't wait to try it at my next party:)
Misty says:
June, 23 2010at 01:24 pm
What a lovely use for all of those cherries I'm seeing out there!

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